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New ChimerMarker® software version enhances workflow at Penn Medicine

January 19, 2017, State College PA - SoftGenetics announced the availability of the latest version of ChimerMarker software. ChimerMarker software, automated chimerism analysis software, integrates speed and accuracy with a biologist‐friendly interface. The software can be used to monitor chimerism levels in both allogeneic and autologous stem cells transplant or hematopoietic stem cells transplant, bone marrow transplant post bone marrow engraftment, cord and peripheral blood stem cells transplant (PBSCT) samples.

The latest version, incorporates new functionalities, developed in collaboration with Dr. Vivianna Van Deerlin, Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, to meet the needs of leading edge HLA, Molecular Pathology, Histocompatibility, transplant, and immunology laboratories.

Dr. Van Deerlin indicates: “My laboratory which has a high volume of allogeneic stem cell transplants, instituted ChimerMarker for analysis of chimerism several years ago, using a laboratory‐developed workflow. While we were happy with the custom workflow and results, there were some features of the software which we felt could be improved. We approached SoftGenetics with our suggestions and they responded very quickly by making significant improvements to the features. For example, as part of our workflow we ignore certain markers for each recipient/donor pair based on its ability to provide an accurate, sensitive, and specific result. In the original version of the software for each post‐transplant sample we had to ignore each marker one by one in each post‐ transplant sample—very time consuming. In the updated version, not only can we ignore multiple markers with one click, we can also choose to ignore each marker in all current and future samples in the project. Although longitudinal curves were available in the original version, all the sample types were mixed together and the process of looking at one or another sample type like blood and T cells was cumbersome. In addition, there was no option to just view stutter adjusted values. In the updated version plots each sample type charts as a different line with the option to view only stutter adjusted data and it is very easy to view and modify the longitudinal plots. There were many other large and small improvements including the ability to calculate age from date of birth and to sort the samples by run date that made our workflow more efficient. SoftGenetics really listened to our needs and responded by improving the ChimerMarker software. Everyone in the lab who uses the software is thrilled with the changes.”

In addition to the workflow additions, ChimerMarker is now compatible with Six Dye Chemistries – enabling labs to analyze results from more loci from human ID kits such as Fusion®6C, Globalfiler® and Investigator®24Plex; new User interface additions providing more options and streamline Chimerism Analysis settings and reporting.

ChimerMarker Software Information

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