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Yeast Carbon Base Medium Powder

Catalog #SizeConcentration
B9017S12 g


This medium pack includes 12 grams of Yeast Carbon Base Medium Powder and 10 ml of Acetamide Solution.

The Yeast Carbon Base Medium Powder contains sufficient reagents needed to make 1 liter of Yeast Carbon Base (YCB) Agar Medium containing 5 mM acetamide.

Yeast Agar Medium is used for acetamide selection of K. lactis cells that have been transformed with a pKLAC2-based expression vector (NEB #N3742). The medium contains glucose and all nutrients needed to sustain growth of K. lactis GG799 cells except a simple nitrogen source. Only transformed cells can utilize acetamide provided in the medium as a source of nitrogen after it is broken down to ammonia by acetamidase (the product of the amdS gene present in pKLAC2).

Kit Components

  • Yeast Carbon Base Medium (12g)
  • Acetamide solution (sterile) (10 ml)

Kit Components

The following reagents are supplied with this product:

Store at (°C)Concentration
Yeast Carbon Base Medium Powder (12 g)4
Acetamide solution (sterile) (10 ml)4100X

Properties and Usage

Storage Temperature


Supporting Documents

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  1. Protocol I: Yeast Carbon Base Medium Powder Agar Medium with 5 mM acetamide solution (500 ml)
  2. Protocol II: 1 M Tris-HCl Buffer Stock Solution (1 liter)
Make sure agar is cooled to ~50 C before adding acetamide