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Latest new products from Cell Signaling Technology


73359 CD11c (N418) Hamster mAb (PE Conjugate) F (M) 06-08-2019
77576 CD33 Antibody W IP (H) 06-08-2019
81832 PBRM1/BAF180 (E6N2K) Mouse mAb W ChIP (H) (M) (R) (Mk) 06-08-2019
82914 XBP-1s (E8Y5F) Rabbit mAb (Rodent Specific) W F ChIP (M) (R) 06-08-2019
89500 RAI17/ZMIZ1 (E2X3X) Rabbit mAb IHC-P W IP (H) (M) (Mk) 06-08-2019
97038 ATF-4 (E4Q4E) Mouse mAb W IF-IC (H) 06-08-2019
49189 PD-L2 (D6L5A) Rabbit mAb IHC-P IHC-Bond (M) 06-08-2019
51419 CD11c (N418) Hamster mAb (FITC Conjugate) F (M) 06-08-2019
51844 BIN1 (E4A1P) Rabbit mAb W IP (H) (M) 06-08-2019
55545 HA-Tag (C29F4) Rabbit mAb (PE-Cy7® Conjugate) F (All) 06-08-2019
28630 Phospho-Syntaxin 17 (Ser202) Antibody W (H) 06-08-2019
24330 Enolase-2 (E2H9X) XP® Rabbit mAb IHC-P W (H) (M) (R) 06-08-2019
23855 SSX (E5A2C) Rabbit mAb (Carboxy-terminal Antigen) IHC-P W IP IHC-Bond (H) 06-08-2019
18665 ATF-3 (E9J4N) Rabbit mAb W IP IF-IC (H) (M) 06-08-2019
15519 IκBβ (D1T3Z) Rabbit mAb W IF-IC (H) (M) (R) 06-08-2019
59633 AS160 Signaling Antibody Sampler Kit 06-08-2019
31174 TWIST1 (E7E2G) Rabbit mAb (IF Formulated) IF-IC IF-F (H) (M) 06-08-2019
33293 CD11c (N418) Hamster mAb (APC Conjugate) F (M) 06-08-2019
34755 SimpleChIP® Human ASXL1 Upstream Primers ChIP (H) 06-08-2019
37664 CD11c (N418) Hamster mAb (APC-Cy7® Conjugate) F (M) 06-08-2019
39898 iNOS Antibody W IP (H) 06-08-2019
64563 IGFBP7 (E8R2V) Rabbit mAb W (H) (M) 06-08-2019
66562 FAP (E1V9V) Rabbit mAb W IP IF-IC (H) 06-08-2019
69661 Sox10 (E6B6I) XP® Rabbit mAb IHC-P W IP IHC-Bond (H) 06-08-2019
10941 IGFBP5 Antibody W IP (H) 06-08-2019
36977 SLAMF6/CD352 (E8K9W) Rabbit mAb W (H) 16-07-2019
42206 RPA70/RPA1 (E7T4Y) Rabbit mAb W (H) (M) (R) 16-07-2019
48697 Toll-like Receptor Antibody Sampler Kit II 16-07-2019
58122 Glucocorticoid Receptor (D6H2L) XP® Rabbit mAb (Biotinylated) W (H) (M) (R) (Mk) 16-07-2019
66325 EOMES (E4Z4X) Rabbit mAb (ChIP Formulated) ChIP (H) 16-07-2019
67280 TXNIP (D5F3E) Rabbit mAb (Biotinylated) W (H) (M) (R) (Mk) 16-07-2019
73271 RIP (E8S7U) XP® Rabbit mAb IHC-P W IP IF-IC (H) 16-07-2019
73379 EOMES (E4Z4X) Rabbit mAb W IP (H) 16-07-2019
74293 IgM Antibody W (H) 16-07-2019
74444 SYNGR3 Antibody W (H) (M) (R) 16-07-2019
74560 p14 ARF (E3X6D) Rabbit mAb IHC-P W F IF-IC IHC-Bond (H) 16-07-2019
25856 β-Amyloid (1-43 Preferred) (E8C2D) Rabbit mAb (Alexa Fluor® 555 Conjugate) IF-F (H) 16-07-2019
23207 GAT1 Antibody W (H) (M) (R) 16-07-2019
18350 Tyro/Axl/Mer Activation Sampler Kit 16-07-2019
20836 Mouse Reactive Inflammasome Antibody Sampler Kit 16-07-2019
76839 Akt1 (C73H10) Rabbit mAb (Biotinylated) W (H) (M) (R) (Mk) 16-07-2019
88439 53BP1 (E7N5D) XP® Rabbit mAb IHC-P W IF-IC (H) 16-07-2019
94403 NeuN (E4M5P) Mouse mAb W IP IF-F (H) (M) (R) 16-07-2019
99732 GATOR Complex Antibody Sampler Kit 16-07-2019
69363 Phospho-Paxillin (Tyr118) (E9U9F) Rabbit mAb W IP IF-IC (H) 02-07-2019
43811 Pyroptosis Antibody Sampler Kit 02-07-2019
74113 Pathological Hallmarks of Alzheimer's Disease Antibody Sampler Kit 02-07-2019
17676 METTL16 Antibody W IP (H) (M) (R) (Mk) 18-06-2019
19541 4-1BB/CD137/TNFRSF9 (E6Z7F) XP® Rabbit mAb IHC-P W IHC-Bond (H) 18-06-2019
23672 CD45RA (HI100) Mouse mAb (FITC Conjugate) F (H) 18-06-2019
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