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Request your free sample today!

We can help you find more mutants. Request your free sample of Hot-Start Hi-Res Melting Master Mix today and put it to the test!

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What do HF restriction enzymes mean to you?

These engineered enzymes have the same specificity as the native enzyme, with the added benefits of reduced star activity, rapid digestion (5-15 minutes), and 100% activity in CutSmart buffer at no extra cost.

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Bye Bye DNA and RNA Concentration Estimates!

Still using the A260/A280 ratio? We have an important innovation for you: the Xpose 'Touch & Go' reader from Trinean with Spectral Content Profiling.

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Meet the Next-Generation Thermocycler!

Experience the accuracy and speed of the Labcycler, the thermocycler from SensoQuest. Request your demonstration or take a look at booth 7B069 at WOTS 2014.

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Free DNA Ladder Offer

For a limited time, NEB is offering free samples of its
Quick-Load® Purple 2-log DNA Ladder. Request your free Sample!

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