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Parallex Bioassays

Company Profile

Based in Montréal (Canada), Parallex Bioassays is an innovative biotech company developing antibody microarrays for the biomedical and food industries. Thanks to a newly patented technology called the SnapChipTM, they made it possible to eliminate the cross-reaction issues inherent to multiplexed immunoassays and thereby opened the door to new opportunities. Now, physically isolated micro-assays can be combined in a single and highly customizable chip without any compromise on the quality of the results. Also, measurements of post-translational modifications, protein isoform and binding partners can be included to create a unique multiparametric Chip.

Parallex Bioassays mission is to offer innovative and customizable solutions to accelerate academic and industrial research.


Parallex Bioassays Technology

The problem with traditional microarrays

Multiplexed sandwich immunoassay is a powerful technique to measure multiple protein concentrations simultaneously. Despite a great initial excitement, its success was hampered by cross-reaction, which resulted in false positive signals. Cross-reaction occurs because the detection antibodies are mixed together when applied to the array. Moreover, it is often impossible to combine related analytes in the same assay due to incompatibility.

The SnapChip Solution

The SnapChip developed by Parallex BioAssays is an innovative and simple microarray-to-microarray approach that eliminates the need for a mixture of detection antibodies and the related cross-reactivity. The absence of cross-reaction is highly desirable to reduce assay development time and cost, ensure accurate results and discover new opportunities. The SnapChip reproduces, in nanodroplets, the conditions of the common ELISA by performing co-localization of the capture and detection antibodies. It’s performed on standard planar arrays, representing an attractive solution for scientists to accelerate their research without investing in expensive equipments.


The SnapChip Solution

The SnapChip is more than a simple multiplex, it’s multiple singleplex!

In the SnapChip microarray-to-microarray approach, the co-localization of capture and detection antibodies efficiently eliminates cross-reaction as detection antibodies are physically isolated from each other. It is also highly customizable and there are no incompatibility issues, as no analytes are mixed together. As a result, the assay optimization process is simplified.

Advantages of the SnapChip

  • Rapid Assay Development – All assays are optimized individually. That’s it!
  • Mix and Match – All your preferred assays on the same chip. No limitation!
  • Accurate Results – Elimination of cross-reactivity and false positives. Reproducible!
  • New Opportunities – Measurement of concentration, post-translational modifications and enzyme activity… All at once!


SnapChip assay process flow

The assay process flow using the SnapChip is highly similar to a regular multiplexed sandwich assay on a planar microarray. Samples are first incubated on the assay slide containing an assembly of independent and parallelized capture antibodies, physically isolated from each other. After wash steps, biotinylated-detection antibodies from the pre-spotted detection slide are precisely delivered to their corresponding spots on the assay slide using the SnapDevice. Following proper incubation and washing, the assay signal is created by incubation with fluorescent-labelled streptavidin and fluorescent signals are revealed by a scanner with fluorescent capability.



  • No cross-reaction
  • Spotter free
  • Multiparametric
  • Custom
  • Reliable

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BIOKÉ is the exclusive distributor of the Parallex Bioassays products in The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Contact us if you have any questions about Parallex Bioassays products or compatibility.

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