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Single Cell Dispensers: The fastest way to a single cell

Company Profile

Namocell provides innovative single cell sorting and dispensing platforms to empower single cell research and therapeutics development. Namocell’s single cell dispensers are the fastest and easiest way to identify and isolate single cells, and enable users to accomplish single cell sorting and dispensing in one step in a way that is gentle to live cells. We serve researchers and scientists in a wide range of applications, including single cell genomics, cell line development, CRISPR, cell therapy, stem cell, monoclonal antibody development, rare cell isolation, and synthetic biology.


Effortless Single Cell Dispensing

Namocell has combined the benefits of three key technologies: flow cytometry, microfluidics and liquid dispensing. The combination of these techniques is unique and enables users to accomplish single cell sorting and dispensing in one step, providing fast, efficient and gentle isolation of single cells.

Namo and Hana Single Cell Dispensers are capable of isolating single cells in a high throughput manner that is still gentle on cells so that they can maintain their viability. It is easy to operate and requires no prior experience or training with flow cytometry.

Namocell’s microfluidic cell cartridges ensure that there is no sample-to-sample cross contamination and keep the sample sterile. Cartridges that contain the sample material can be swapped out so there is no need for cleaning process.

Two modes, single sorting mode and enrichment sorting mode, are fast and easy to use with cell-friendly handling.

  • Single sorting mode dispenses single cells per well.
  • Enrichment mode results in an enrichment of a rare cell population from a high density sample.

The Namo Single Cell Dispenser

Uses 2 or 3 fluorescence signals to sort and dispense single cells.


The Hana Single Cell Dispenser

Uses 2 fluorescence signals and light scattering to sort and dispense single cells.


Unique Microfluidic Cell Cartridge

  • Low flow pressure preserves cell viability
  • Sorting and dispensing in a single stepprevents aerosol formation
  • No cross-contamination



(you will be forwarded to the Namocell website)


Application Notes

Namocell's Two-Step Rare Cell Isolation: Rare cell isolation can be very challenging using conventional cell isolation methods when the target cell population frequencies are less than 1% such as circulating tumor cells (CTCs) in blood or low transfected GFP-positive cells within a pool. Although cell sorting is typically performed to isolate rare cells, this is not ideal due to factors that may compromise the rare cell viability and recovery including long sorting time, high pressure (typically more than 20 psi), and large dead volume.

Generating Clonal GFP Cell Lines: Generating a clonal GFP cell line typically requires first sorting GFP positive cells with a cell sorter. Then GFP positive cells are cultured for several days to recover from the high pressure damage caused by the cell sorter. Clonal GFP cells are finally obtained by manual limited dilution at 1 cell per well. In this application note, Namocell Single Cell Dispenser was used to directly isolate single GFP positive cells into 96-well cell culture plate. Due to the low pressure of the Namocell Single Cell Dispenser, clonal GFP cell lines can be generated in a single step.

Single B Cell Genomics: By use of a Namo Single Cell Dispenser, activated single B cells were isolated. Single B cell cDNA was suitable for both downstream single cell transcriptome library generation and PCR of the full length of immunoglobulin heavy and light chain variable domains.

Minimal Cell Input: Obtaining a single cell is a critical step for single-cell transcriptomics, proteomics, and genomics. Traditional cell sorters have provided a powerful tool for sorting cells. However, it typically requires a large amount of cells. In this application note, Namocell Single Cell Dispenser was used to evaluate the single cell isolation efficiency of 100 minimal cell input with an adherent and non-adherent cell line.

Single Nuclei Dispensing: Using a Namocell Single Cell Dispenser, single nuclei were isolated and verified under a fluorescent microscope. Isolated single nuclei are suitable for single-nucleus RNA sequencing.

Learn more about the Namocell Dispensers

BIOKÉ is the exclusive distributor of the Namocell in The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Contact us if you have any questions about Namocell products or compatibility.


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