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Single Cell Dispenser: The fastest way to a single cell


Company Profile

Namocell Inc., based in MOUNTAIN VIEW, California, USA, is a leading provider of single cell dispensing and sorting platforms for life science research and clinical applications. Our Namo Single Cell Dispenser is a benchtop single cell dispenser that provides the fastest way to a single cell! Gentle to the cell, effortless, compact, and cost-effective; it is designed to empower a variety of single cell applications, including cell line development, CRISPR, monoclonal antibody development, single cell genomics, circulating tumor cell (CTC) and circulating fetal cell isolation. We enable life science researchers to sort and dispense single cells at their benchtop - fast and easy.



Effortless Single Cell Dispensing


The Namo Single Cell Dispenser

Uses 2 or 3 fluorescence signals to sort and dispense single cells.

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The Hana Single Cell Dispenser

Uses 2 fluorescence signals and light scattering to sort and dispense single cells.

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Disposable Cell Cartridge

Viability, no Biohazard Aerosol, no Cross-Contamination

Two Modes

Single Sorting Mode

  • 96-well plate in less than 1 min
  • 384-well plate in less than 3 min

Bulk Sorting Mode

  • Sort 100M cells in 5 min
  • Fastest sorting speed of 300,000 cells/s

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  • Monoclonal Antibody
  • Synthetic Biology
  • Cell Line Development
  • Rare Cell Isolation
  • Single Cell Genomics

Learn more about the Namocell Dispensers

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BIOKÉ is the exclusive distributor of the Namocell in The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Contact us if you have any questions about Namocell products or compatibility.


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