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Automated Single-Cell template generation for NGS, Culturing Single-Cells perform dose response experiments, Long-term culturing of cells under multifactorial circumstances, High-throughput RT-PCR, Digital PCR, genotyping and Next Generation sequencing applications on nano-volume scale using proprietary Integrated Fluidic Circuits (IFC's).  

Company Profile

Fluidigm Corporation develops and distributes systems based on the unique properties of Integrated Fluidic Circuits (IFCs) to precisely control fluids on a nano volume scale. The company's vision is to create and to lead a new industry in which IFCs bring unparalleled efficiencies to the life science and allied fields.

  • The BioMark HD system sets the new standard for high throughput real-time PCR assays and streamlines workflow for applications demanding sensitivity and dynamic range, at extremely high throughput.
  • The C1 Single-Cell Auto Prep System is the world’s first commercially available, automated single-cell isolation and preparation system for genomic analysis.
  • The Polaris system is the only system that integrates cell biology and molecular analysis into one platform.
  • The Callisto sytem Visionary cell modeling with combinatorial dosing and automated long-term cell culture.
  • The Juno System is an allround IFC loader with (targeted) end point high throughput PCR options.
  • The EP1 system sets the new standard for high throughput SNP genotyping and provides superior data quality with a fast and easy workflow and can also be used for end point digital PCR applications.
  • The Access Array Integrated Fluidic Circuit (IFC) facilitates parallel amplification of 48 unique samples, in effect preparing 48 sequencing libraries, in just a few hours.


Gene Expression

  • High throughput
  • Low cost
  • Compatibility with existing reagents

Single-Cell Genomics

  • Cell Differentiation
  • Biomarker discovery
  • Circulating tumor cells
  • Drug candidate screening/efficacy

Single-Cell mRNA Sequencing Single-Cell Gene Expression Single-Cell miRNA Expression 

SNP Genotyping

  • Higher sample throughput
  • Outstanding data quality
  • Dramatically lower costs 

Targeted Resequencing

  • Target enrichment
  • Sample barcoding for multiplexed sequencing
  • Sequencing library preparation using amplicon tagging 

Copy Number Variation

  • High-resolution CNV studies using digital PCR
  • Simple, fast, and reliablejavascript:showWysiwyg('description'); workflow
  • Standard assays and reagents

Digital PCR

  • Eliminate false positives
  • Ability to amplify individual molecules
  • Accurately and reproducibly determine library concentrations 

BIOKÉ is the exclusive distributor of Fluidigm in The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg from the product portfolio previously mentioned.

Software Updates (Free of Charge) - Insight Made Easy

Get the precise results your research deserves with the complete offering of automated, efficient data analysis software from Fluidigm. Whether you're evaluating single cells, real-time PCR results or genotyping data, the advanced software programs include standard analysis techniques as well as superior interpretation methods to help you make the most of your work.

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