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Code   Name   Supplier  
NEB S1511 96-Well Microtiter Plate Magnetic Separation Rack New England Biolabs
NEB S1509 12-Tube Magnetic Separation Rack New England Biolabs
NEB S1507 50 ml Magnetic Separation Rack New England Biolabs
NEB S1506 6-Tube Magnetic Separation Rack New England Biolabs
NEB P0759 Sodium Fluoride (Fluoride) New England Biolabs
NEB P0758 Sodium Orthovanadate (Vanadate) New England Biolabs
NEB N7021 Streptavidin New England Biolabs
NEB N4007 CpG Methylated HeLa Genomic DNA New England Biolabs
NEB N4006 HeLa Genomic DNA New England Biolabs
NEB N4003 5-Aza-dc Treated Jurkat Genomic DNA New England Biolabs
NEB N4002 CpG Methylated Jurkat Genomic DNA New England Biolabs
NEB E4154 E. coli K12 ER2420/pBeloBAC11 New England Biolabs
NEB E4153 E. coli K12 POP2136/pFOS1 New England Biolabs
NEB E4152 E. coli K12 ER2420/pACYC184 New England Biolabs
NEB E4151 E. coli K12 ER2420/pACYC177 New England Biolabs
NEB E4141 E. coli K12 CJ236 New England Biolabs
NEB E4131 E. coli ER2523 (NEB Express) (Glycerol Stock) New England Biolabs
NEB E4129 E. coli K12 UT5600 New England Biolabs
NEB E4128 E. coli K12 KS1000 New England Biolabs
NEB E4127 E. coli K12 ER2508 New England Biolabs
NEB E4126 E. coli K12 PR1031 New England Biolabs
NEB E4125 E. coli K12 CAG629 New England Biolabs
NEB E4124 E. coli K12 CAG626 New England Biolabs
NEB E4123 E. coli K12 CAG597 New England Biolabs
NEB E4122 E. coli K12 TB1 New England Biolabs
NEB E4121 E. coli K12 ER2507 New England Biolabs
NEB E4109 E. coli K12 ER2925 New England Biolabs
NEB E4108 E. coli K12 NM522 New England Biolabs
NEB E4107 E. coli K12 JM109 New England Biolabs
NEB E4106 E. coli K12 JM101 New England Biolabs
NEB E4104 E. coli K12 ER2738 New England Biolabs
NEB E4103 E. coli K12 ER2267 New England Biolabs
NEB E4102 E. coli K12 ER1821 New England Biolabs
NEB E4101 E. coli K12 ER1793 New England Biolabs
MN 745500 Protino Glutathione Agarose 4B MACHEREY-NAGEL
MN 745400 Protino Ni-NTA Agarose MACHEREY-NAGEL
MN 745300 Protino Multi-96 Ni-IDA MACHEREY-NAGEL
MN 744950 KingFisher 96 Accessory Kit A & B MACHEREY-NAGEL
MN 740800 Surface Protection BIO-LAB-TOP MACHEREY-NAGEL
MN 740688 Receiver Plates 50 MACHEREY-NAGEL
MN 740686 Receiver Plates 20 MACHEREY-NAGEL
MN 740685 Dummy Strips MACHEREY-NAGEL
MN 740684 Starter Set C MACHEREY-NAGEL
MN 740683 Starter Set B MACHEREY-NAGEL
MN 740682 Starter Set A MACHEREY-NAGEL
MN 740681 NucleoVac 96 vacuum manifold for NucleoSpin 8 / 96 kits MACHEREY-NAGEL
MN 740676 Self-adhering PE Foil MACHEREY-NAGEL
MN 740675 Gas-permeable Foil MACHEREY-NAGEL
MN 740673 Elution Plates - flat bottom MACHEREY-NAGEL
MN 740672 Elution Plates - U-bottom MACHEREY-NAGEL
MN 740640 NucleoSpin Rubber Pads MACHEREY-NAGEL
MN 740488 Culture Plate MACHEREY-NAGEL
MN 740486 Elution Plate - U-bottom MACHEREY-NAGEL
MN 740482 Round-well Block, low MACHEREY-NAGEL
MN 740481 Square-well Blocks MACHEREY-NAGEL
MN 740479 MN Wash Plates MACHEREY-NAGEL
MN 740476 MN Square-well Blocks MACHEREY-NAGEL
MN 740475 Round-well Blocks (with Cap Strips) MACHEREY-NAGEL
MN 740418 NucleoBond Finalizer Large (Plus) MACHEREY-NAGEL
MN 740403 NucleoCard MACHEREY-NAGEL
FD ASY-AA Access Array Target-Specific Primers Fluidigm
4TI-0563 Optical Film Compression Pad 4Titude
4TI-0394 White Marker Pen 4Titude
4TI-0392 LightScanner Adaptor 4Titude
4TI-0390 FrameStar 384 Holders 4Titude
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