Code   Name   Supplier  
X-Xpose Discovery Xpose Discovery Trinean
X Thermoblocks Thermocycler: Labcycler thermoblocks SensoQuest
X RainDrop RainDrop™ Digital PCR System RainDance Technologies
X Profiling Protein Spectral Content Profiling for Proteins Trinean
X Profiling DNA Spectral Content Profiling for DNA and RNA Trinean
X Labcycler 48 Thermocycler: Labcycler 48 SensoQuest
X Labcycler Thermocycler: Labcycler Basic and Gradient SensoQuest
X EP1 System EP1 System Fluidigm
X C1 mRNA Fluidigm - Single-Cell mRNA Sequencing Fluidigm
X BioMark Instruments BioMark Instruments Fluidigm
X BioMark BioMark HD System Fluidigm
TR 112001 Xpose Discovery with USB printer Trinean
TR 101096 DropSense96 platform Trinean
740641 NucleoVac Vacuum Regulator MACHEREY-NAGEL
IFC-HX BioMark IFC controller HX (96.96) Fluidigm
CYC-FC1 FC1 Cycler - Thermal cycler for Fluidigm IFCs Fluidigm
AA-PKG Access Array AX System Fluidigm
AA-M Access Array System Fluidigm
100-7000 C1 Single-Cell System Fluidigm
SP01-MAC-0139 LightScanner Adaptor BioFire Defense
ACDA 310015 HybEz Humidifying Paper (15 pack) Advanced Cell Diagnostics
ACDA 310013 HybEz Hybridization System Advanced Cell Diagnostics
4TI-2212 Calibration service 2 pipetting modules 4Titude
4TI-2211 Calibration service 1 pipetting module 4Titude
4TI-2200 4LAB Pipetting Station w. software and notebook 4Titude
4TI-2068 0.5ml tube adapter for 4ti-2060 4Titude
4TI-2065 Cooling Block 20x1.5ml tubes 4Titude
4ti-2056 4LAB Cooling Blocks 4Titude
4ti-2010 4Lab pipetting module 4Titude
4TI-2000 4LAB Automated Low Volume Liquid Handling 4Titude
4ti-0665 A4S Automatic Heat Sealer 4Titude
4TI-0655 4s3 Semi-Automated Heat Sealer 4Titude
4TI-0631 4s3 warranty extension 2 years 4Titude
4TI-0502 Roller for Adhesive Seals 4Titude
4TI-0399 Adaptor for Corbett (Qiagen) CAS robot 4Titude
4TI-0397 FrameStar 730 adapter for Abi systems 4Titude
4TI-0393 Ergo Plate Stand, Blue 4Titude