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Code   Name   Supplier  
FrameStar FrameStar® PCR Plates 4Titude
4TI-3000 Break-Away Plate Cutter 4Titude
4TI-1000 FrameStar Break-A-Way 4Titude
4TI-0960 FrameStar 96 Well PCR Plates - full skirted 4Titude
4TI-0951 FS 480, 96 semi sk, cut corner bottom right, clear fr./white 4Titude
4TI-0950 FrameStar® 480/96 semi-skirted 4Titude
4TI-0910 FrameStar Fast Plates - 96 well 4Titude
4TI-0900 FrameStar® 96 semi-skirted (cut corner H1) 4Titude
4TI-0770 FrameStar® 96 semi-skirted (cut corner A12) 4Titude
4TI-0760 96 well semi skirted PCR plate, natural 4Titude
4TI-0753 Vari-Plates & Vari-Strips 4Titude
4TI-0750 96 Well PCR Plates - non-skirted 4Titude
4TI-0740 96well PCR Plate, skirted, low profile 4Titude
4TI-0730 FrameStar 96 Well PCR Plates - semi skirted - with upstand 4Titude
4TI-0720 FrameStar 96 Well PCR Plates - non skirted - low profile 4Titude
4TI-0710 FrameStar 96 Well PCR Plates - non skirted - standard profile 4Titude
4TI-0398 Pierce Plate 4Titude
4TI-0384 FrameStar® 384 Well PCR Plates 4Titude
4TI-0380 FrameStar® 480/384 for Roche LightCycler® 480 4Titude
4TI-0282 Vision Plate 96 low profile, with condensation ring, ste 4Titude
4TI-0254 384 square well, solid bottom plate, clear, PS 4Titude
4TI-0241 VisionPlate 24 4Titude
4TI-0221 VisionPlate 96 4Titude
4TI-0201 VisionPlate 384 4Titude
4TI-0126 96 Deep-well plate, square wells, 1.2 ml, U-shaped bottom, c 4Titude
4TI-0117 96 Deep-well plate, round wells, V bottom, 0,3ml, clear 4Titude
4TI-0110 Deepwell Plates 4Titude
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