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Code   Name   Supplier  
Webform NextGENe: Request your free trial SoftGenetics
ThunderBolts NGS ThunderBolts NGS Target Enrichment System RainDance Technologies
SGA NG-GA-001-N1 Combi package: NG & GA software SoftGenetics
SGA NG-003PGM-L NextGENe software for PGM, subsequent year Local license SoftGenetics
SGA NG-003 NextGENe Subsequent 6 months Local & Network license SoftGenetics
SGA NG-002N NextGENe Network additional user licenses (each) SoftGenetics
SGA NG-001S NextGENe Network Site License SoftGenetics
SGA NG-001PGM-N5 NextGENe software for PGM 5 year Network license SoftGenetics
SGA NG-001PGM-5 NextGENe software for PGM 5 year Local license SoftGenetics
SGA NG-001PGM-3 NextGENe software for PGM 3 year Local license SoftGenetics
SGA NG-001-N5 NextGENe software 5 year Network license SoftGenetics
SGA NG-001-N3 NextGENe software 3 year Network license SoftGenetics
SGA NG-001-5 NextGENe software 5 year Local license SoftGenetics
SGA NG-001-3 NextGENe software 3 year Local license SoftGenetics
SGA MS-005A Mutation Surveyor 48 lane (Annual Update SA Additional) SoftGenetics
SGA MS-001NU Upgrade Mutation Surveyor SA to Network license SoftGenetics
SGA GMHID-001S GeneMarker HID (Network Site License) SoftGenetics
SGA GM-001MTP GeneMarker MTP Software SoftGenetics
SGA GA Geneticist Assistant - NGS Interpretative Workbench SoftGenetics
SG GA Workbench SG GA Workbench SoftGenetics
SG GA User Control SG GA User Control SoftGenetics
SG GA Simple Operation SG GA Simple Operation SoftGenetics
SG GA Quality Control SG GA Quality Control SoftGenetics
SG GA Hardware SG GA Hardware SoftGenetics
SG GA Genome Viewer SG GA Genome Viewer SoftGenetics
SG GA Accessibility SG GA Accessibility SoftGenetics
NextGENe Whole Genome Alignmen NextGENe: Whole Genome Alignment SoftGenetics
NextGENe Transcriptome - NextGENe: Transcriptome/RNA-SEQ, Expression and Alternative Splicing Analysis SoftGenetics
NextGENe System - NextGENe: System Requirements SoftGenetics
NextGENe SNP/INDEL - NextGENe: SNP/INDEL & Structural Variant Analysis SoftGenetics
NextGENe SNP - NextGENe: SNP & INDEL discovery with Ion Torrent PGM data SoftGenetics
NextGENe small RNA - NextGENe: miRNA, CHipSeq, SAGE & DGE analysis SoftGenetics
NextGENe Reference - NextGENe: Annotated Reference Genomes SoftGenetics
NextGENe Re-Sequencing - NextGENe: Targeted Re-Sequencing SoftGenetics
NextGENe Rare Disease - NextGENe: Prediction and Rare Disease Discovery SoftGenetics
NextGENe Profiling - NextGENe: Human Identity Profiling SoftGenetics
NextGENe Instruments - NextGENe: SNP/INDEL & Structural Variant detection from Roche, Illumina and SOLiD SoftGenetics
NextGENe from SoftGenetics - NextGENe Software for NGS data analysis SoftGenetics
NextGENe de novo Assembly - NextGENe: de novo Assembly of NGS reads SoftGenetics
NextGENe CNV - NextGENe: Copy Number Variation (CNV) Analysis SoftGenetics
NextGENe Automation - Automation Pipeline for the Ion PGM with NextGENe software SoftGenetics
Mutation Surveyor AU Annual Updates - Mutation Surveyor SoftGenetics
Mutation Surveyor AL Additional User Licenses - Mutation Surveyor SoftGenetics
Mutation Surveyor Mutation Surveyor DNA variant and Sequence Analysis Software SoftGenetics
JelMarker JelMarker Image Reader and Conversion Software SoftGenetics
GeneMarker AU Annual Updates - GeneMarker SoftGenetics
GeneMarker AL Additional User Licenses - GeneMarker SoftGenetics
GeneMarker GeneMarker Fragment Analysis Software SoftGenetics
ChimerMarker ChimerMarker - Automated Chimerism Analysis software SoftGenetics
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