Data Analysis Software Application:
Code   Name   Supplier  
X Webform NextGENe: Request your free trial SoftGenetics
x SG GA Workbench SG GA Workbench SoftGenetics
x SG GA User Control SG GA User Control SoftGenetics
x SG GA Simple Operation SG GA Simple Operation SoftGenetics
x SG GA Quality Control SG GA Quality Control SoftGenetics
x SG GA Pathogenicity SG GA Pathogenicity SoftGenetics
x SG GA Historical pathogenicity SG GA Historical pathogenicity SoftGenetics
x SG GA Hardware SG GA Hardware SoftGenetics
x SG GA Genome Viewer SG GA Genome Viewer SoftGenetics
x SG GA Accessibility SG GA Accessibility SoftGenetics
X SG GA Geneticist Assistant - NGS Interpretative Workbench SoftGenetics
X NextGENe Whole Genome Alignmen NextGENe: Whole Genome Alignment SoftGenetics
X NextGENe Transcriptome - NextGENe: Transcriptome/RNA-SEQ, Expression and Alternative Splicing Analysis SoftGenetics
X NextGENe System - NextGENe: System Requirements SoftGenetics
X NextGENe SNP/INDEL - NextGENe: SNP/INDEL & Structural Variant Analysis SoftGenetics
X NextGENe SNP - NextGENe: SNP & INDEL discovery with Ion Torrent PGM data SoftGenetics
X NextGENe small RNA - NextGENe: miRNA, CHipSeq, SAGE & DGE analysis SoftGenetics
X NextGENe Reference - NextGENe: Annotated Reference Genomes SoftGenetics
X NextGENe Re-Sequencing - NextGENe: Targeted Re-Sequencing SoftGenetics
X NextGENe Rare Disease - NextGENe: Prediction and Rare Disease Discovery SoftGenetics
X NextGENe Profiling - NextGENe: Human Identity Profiling SoftGenetics
X NextGENe Instruments - NextGENe: SNP/INDEL & Structural Variant detection from Roche, Illumina and SOLiD SoftGenetics
X NextGENe from SoftGenetics - NextGENe Software for NGS data analysis SoftGenetics
X NextGENe de novo Assembly - NextGENe: de novo Assembly of NGS reads SoftGenetics
X NextGENe CNV - NextGENe: Copy Number Variation (CNV) Analysis SoftGenetics
X NextGENe Automation - Automation Pipeline for the Ion PGM with NextGENe software SoftGenetics
SGA NG-GA-001-N1 Combi package: NG & GA software SoftGenetics
SGA NG-003PGM-L NextGENe software for PGM, subsequent year Local license SoftGenetics
SGA NG-003 NextGENe Subsequent 6 months Local & Network license SoftGenetics
SGA NG-002N NextGENe Network additional user licenses (each) SoftGenetics
SGA NG-001S NextGENe Network Site License SoftGenetics
SGA NG-001PGM-N5 NextGENe software for PGM 5 year Network license SoftGenetics
SGA NG-001PGM-5 NextGENe software for PGM 5 year Local license SoftGenetics
SGA NG-001PGM-3 NextGENe software for PGM 3 year Local license SoftGenetics
SGA NG-001-N5 NextGENe software 5 year Network license SoftGenetics
SGA NG-001-N3 NextGENe software 3 year Network license SoftGenetics
SGA NG-001-5 NextGENe software 5 year Local license SoftGenetics
SGA NG-001-3 NextGENe software 3 year Local license SoftGenetics