Main Applications Application:
Code   Name   Supplier  
X-Xpose Discovery Xpose Discovery Trinean
X Profiling Protein Spectral Content Profiling for Proteins Trinean
X Profiling DNA Spectral Content Profiling for DNA and RNA Trinean
X DropSense96 add-ons DropSense96 Accessories Trinean
X DropPlates Microfluidic DropPlates Trinean
TR 401040 DropSense96 21 CFR part 11 compliance tool Trinean
TR 401030 DropSense96 IQ/OQ Trinean
TR 401020 DropSense96 Automated Software (API) Trinean
TR 401010 cDrop Analytical Software Trinean
TR 302011 Xpose - Printer paper roll Trinean
TR 302010 Xpose - USB printer Trinean
TR 301011 cDrop Compliance Testkit Trinean
TR 301010 Potassium Dichromate Kit Trinean
TR 301002 DropSense96 Barcode Reader Trinean
TR 301001 DropFrame Trinean
TR 230025 Xpose Slides Trinean
TR 112001 Xpose Discovery with USB printer Trinean
TR 101096 DropSense96 platform Trinean
744950 KingFisher 96 Accessory Kit A & B MACHEREY-NAGEL