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Quanteon Flow Cytometer

When Exceptional Performance Meets Simplicity.


BIOKÉ is happy to announce that the NovoCyte family from ACEA Biosciences has been expanded with the new NovoCyte Quanteon. Although the youngest, it is (slightly) bigger and more advanced than his older brother. With 4 lasers capable of detecting 25 colors, with 25 independent, highly sensitive Silicon Photo Multipliers (SiPM) the Quanteon is the most advanced benchtop Flow Cytometer on the market.

Endowed with all the automated features of the NovoCyte, the Quanteon has additions like automatic optical filter detection, which makes it even easier to operate. The equally new AutoSampler Q can be integrated into different laboratory automation platforms and can efficiently process both FACS tubes (using a 40-tube rack) and 24-, 48-, 96- and 384-well plates. A barcode reader is integrated as well.

The keep up with all the extras the NovoExpress software has been expanded with additional modules. You can now choose between 2 Cell Cycle algorithms and do Cell Proliferation modeling. Data can be represented in a heat map as well.

  • Expanded flexibility with 25-fluorescence channels utilizing 4 lasers
  • Wide, 7-log dynamic range eliminates the need for routine detector adjustments
  • Silicon Photo Multipliers (SiPM), with photon detection sensitivity
  • Quick start up and prescheduled shutdown
  • Integrated barcode scanner
  • Intuitive and powerful software for data acquisition, analysis, and reporting

Want to know more about the new addition? Jolanda Scheenhart, our Product Specialist Cell & Protein Biology, will be happy to share details or request a demonstration.


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