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Everything You Need for Your RNA-Related Workflows


RNA Related workflows header

In recent years, the discovery of new classes and modifications of RNA has ushered in a renaissance of RNA-focused research. Did you know that NEB offers a broad portfolio of reagents for the purification, quantitation, detection, synthesis and manipulation of RNA? Experience improved performance and increased yields, enabled by the expertise of NEB in enzymology.

Transform your nucleic acid purification experience with Monarch®

Quickly and easily purify up to 100 µg of high quality total RNA from multiple sample types – all with one kit!

  • Use with blood, cells, tissues and tough-to-lyse samples
  • Effectively purify total RNA of all sizes, including small RNA (<200 nt)
  • Efficiently remove genomic DNA, as our Monarch Total RNA Miniprep Kit includes gDNA Removal Columns and DNaseI

Learn more and request a free sample

Optimize your RT-qPCR with Luna®

Experience superior performance across a wide variety of sample types

  • Increased thermostability with our novel reverse transcriptase
  • Non-interfering visible tracking dye helps to eliminate pipetting errors

Learn more about how Luna outperforms the competition and request a free sample

Get even more from less with NEBNext® Ultra™ II Library Prep for RNA-seq

Generate high-quality libraries even with limited amounts of RNA

  • Save time with streamlined workflows, reduced hands-on time and automation compatibility
  • Order reagents specific to your needs, including directional and non-directional kits, rRNA depletion and poly(A) mRNA isolation
  • reagents, and adaptors and primers (12- and 96-index) sold separately
  • Working with Small RNA? Minimize adaptor-dimer formation while achieving high yield, diverse multiplex libraries with our unique Small RNA library preparation workflow.

View the performance data and request a free sample


Synthesize high-quality RNA with reagents designed to simplify your workflow

View full list of products for RNA synthesis


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