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BIOKÉ and Syntec International announce a Distribution Agreement for the BeNeLux Countries


LEIDEN, November 19, 2018 - BIOKÉ, a business unit of Cell Signaling Technology Europe (CST Europe), announced it has signed a distribution agreement with Syntec International, a leading provider of products and instruments for the preparation of samples for flow cytometry, tissue culture, food testing, drug residue analysis and food microbiology testing, to distribute Syntec’s semi-automated homogeniser Medimachine product line in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg (collectively, the “BeNeLux”) market.

"The improved Medimachine II and corresponding consumables can be used for both dissociation of tissues into single-cell suspensions and for mechanical disaggregation of solid animal or plant tissues for flow cytometric analysis, cell culture, or DNA amplification techniques. This makes the Medimachine II the most versatile semi-automated homogeniser in the market" said Syntec Managing Director, Ray Sinnott, “BIOKÉ is an experienced and knowledgeable player in the BeNeLux market with a long history of delivering outstanding customer services. We look forward to working with BIOKÉ in serving life science researchers in the BeNeLux.”

"Gentle and reproducible dissociation and disaggregation are important steps in standardizing the preparation of different tissue samples. The versatile and easy-to-operate Medimachine II will advance the scientific discovery for many of our customers. The addition of Syntec to the BIOKÉ portfolio strengthens our ability to provide a complete solution to customers in the Protein & Cellular Analysis and the NGS field.” said Robert Hovingh, Sales Manager BIOKÉ.


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About Syntec International

Syntec International was established in 2004, with headquarters in Dublin, Ireland. Syntec specializes in products and instruments for the preparation of samples for Flow Cytometry, Tissue culture, food testing including TSE (Transmissible Spongiform Encephalitis) analysis, Drug residue analysis and Food microbiology testing.

Syntec's mission in collaboration with its partners CTSV and ARGiP is to bring new innovative technology to the market distributing them worldwide through well-established Healthcare and Laboratory suppliers. For additional information please visit the Syntec International website at


Founded in 2004, BIOKÉ is an experienced and knowledgeable company that provides innovative products with the highest quality in the life science industry throughout Europe. BIOKÉ delivers unique and high-performance applications and workflows for genomics, protein analysis and cell biology. In July 2009 Cell Signaling Technology, Inc. (CST) - the market leader in the development of high quality antibody products and technologies - acquired BIOKÉ BV and BIOKÉ became a business unit of Cell Signaling Technology Europe (CST EU). CST EU and BIOKÉ hold offices in Leiden, the Netherlands. For additional information please visit the BIOKÉ website at

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