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  Cell Signaling Technology

Tools for Signal Transduction Research
A wide range of the highest quality antibodies and kits validated for diverse applications, combined with excellent technical support.

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  New England Biolabs

Largest selection of recombinant and native enzymes for genomic research
Extensive product offerings into areas related to PCR, gene expression, next generation sequencing, cellular analysis, epigenetics and RNA analysis.

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  Macherey Nagel

Bioanalysis Products
Ready-to-use kits for nucleic acid and protein purification in various formats including high-throughput applications (for The Netherlands only).

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Life Science Systems for High-Throughput Genetic Analysis
High-throughput RT-PCR, digital PCR, genotyping and Next Generation sequencing applications on nano-volume scale using proprietary Integrated Fluidic Circuits (IFC's).

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Nanoliter spectrophotometers for quantification of DNA, RNA and Protein
The Xpose 'Touch & Go' offers high-speed quantification of DNA, RNA or protein samples. The DropSense96 platform offers dye-free quantification of DNA, RNA or protein samples in a micro-volume 96well format.

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Digital PCR Solutions
RainDance has created a unique and patented way to put reagents inside of picoliter-sized droplets to encapsulate biology one droplet at a time; the new RainDrop™ Digital PCR System surpasses all existing technologies.

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Software PowerTools for Genetics Analysis
A wide variety of unique (Next Generation) sequencing and fragment analysis software, providing high sensitivity, accuracy and low false positive rates not possible with other programs.

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FrameStar PCR Plates & Tubes for PCR Applications       
Consumables and bench top instrumentation, including products for PCR & Sequencing, Assay Screening, Compound Storage and Microplate Sealing

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Hightech Thermocyclers - Cycler-Technology for Life
SensoQuest introduced a new thermocycler with the latest and most innovative features: Highest Accuracy, Intuitive interface & Flexibility.

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  BioFire Defense

Hi-Res Melting using the LightScanner Instruments & LCGreen Plus for unparalleled performance in mutation scanning, genotyping using labeled or unlabeled probes, small amplicon genotyping & DNA methylation analysis & real-time PCR.

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Leading provider of genetically defined, human genomic reference standards
HDx™ Reference Standards offer a sustainable source of reference material to laboratories, proficiency schemes and manufacturers, providing an unprecedented level of control. (For the Netherlands only.)

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