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BIOKÉ will attend the following events:


BSCDB 2015
23 - 24 November 2015 - Leuven
The Belgian Society for Cell and Developmental Biology, the FWO- Network cell-Cell and Cell-Matrix interactions and the Belspo IUAP/PAI7- 07 network DevRepair jointly organize an Autumn Meeting on “DEVELOPMENTAL PROGRAMMING AND ORGAN REPAIR” that will take place in Leuven, Belgium.   | Read More

NVHG - symposium 2015 

22-23 October 2015 - Arnhem
The Dutch Society for Human Genetics (NVHG) is the scientific association for everyone in the Netherlands who is active in the research field of human genetics. The NVHG encompasses two professional associations: the Dutch Association of Clinical Geneticists (Vereniging Klinische Genetica Nederland, VKGN), which unites medical specialists in clinical genetics, and the Association of Clinical Genetic Diagnostic Laboratories (Vereniging Klinisch Genetische Laboratoriumdiagnostiek, VKGL), which unites recognised clinical genetics laboratory specialists.     | Read More