Company profile

 BIOKÉ Because:
... we are a young, dynamic and flexible company
... we have an open relationship with our customers based on sharing knowledge
... we are always one step ahead in exploring new developments and anticipate future technologies
... we have our own test laboratories in the Leiden Bio Science Park
... we cooperate closely with prominent companies and knowledge institutions
... we are the official European base of operations for Cell Signaling Technology
... we are the people to ask!

Solutions Provider and Knowledge Partner
We provide innovative, high-performance applications for genomics, proteomics, and molecular diagnostics. With our technologies and equipment, we help accelerate and improve your diagnostics and research activities by enabling reproducible results. We represent high quality product lines with added value along with competitive pricing. We are proud to be the official European base of operations for Cell Signaling Technology (CST), a market leader in the development of high quality antibodies, since July 2009. For you, this means better access to a broader range of applications and to knowledge from specialists trained at CST. We are more than a technology and equipment supplier. We provide you with customized solutions, including service support - not as a contractor, but as a knowledge partner. In this joint undertaking, we provide more than just talk: as an open-minded company, we listen to your ideas. For us, collaboration is a two-way street that leads to the best solution for you. Because of these in-depth interactions with our customers over the years, we know our market, not from the sidelines but from within. If you have a question, we are to the people to ask.

Young and Experienced
Founded in 2004, BIOKÉ is a young and dynamic company that specializes in life sciences applications to accelerate your progress in R&D and diagnostics. Our dedicated team of enthusiastic and flexible people has built a strong market position over the past few years. Our product specialists are knowledgeable and inquisitive Ph.D. level scientists, who already have a great deal of experience with technologies for R&D and diagnostics. We serve customers from the Leiden Bio Science Park, the leading life sciences cluster in the Netherlands, which ranks among the top five most successful science parks in Europe. This ideal location houses our own test laboratories and enables us to cooperate and work closely with other prominent companies and knowledge institutions. We are ready to support and facilitate your future research goals.

Our Customers
We are proud to collaborate with all universities, academic institutes, and hospitals in the Benelux. Moreover, many prominent researchers in genomics, proteomics, and molecular diagnostics from other scientific organizations in Europe benefit from our technologies, knowledge, and service. We also support several leading biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies in accelerating and advancing their research activities. Customer satisfaction is our primary goal.

Trade registration: 28100442
VAT number: NL8180.50.445.B01
IBAN: NL82 RABO 0323 2198 45