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Real-Time Cell Analyzers & High Performance Benchtop Flow Cytometers

Company Profile

Agilent is a leader in life sciences, diagnostics and applied chemical markets. The company provides laboratories worldwide with instruments, services, consumables, applications and expertise. Their instruments, software and sample preparation solution help scientists conduct faster, more accurate results.

BIOKE cooperates with Agilent in distrubuting the NovoCyte family of flow cytometers and the Real-Time Cell Analyzer, xCELLigence systems.

Products offered by BIOKÉ:

xCELLigence Real-Time Cell Analyzers

Employing noninvasive impedance microelectrodes in automated high-throughput plate formats, our xCELLigence®Real-Time Cell Analysis (RTCA) instruments maximize the physiological relevance of data extracted from in vitro cellular assays. These instruments enable label-free, real-time monitoring of cell proliferation, cell size/morphology, cell-substrate attachment quality, and cell invasion/migration. By eliminating the time- and labor-intensive steps of traditional methods, RTCA vastly improves efficiency and overall productivity. Moreover, the flexibility, sensitivity, and reproducibility of RTCA make it a standout amongst cell-based assay platforms.

Overview xCELLigence rtca Instruments

NovoCyte Flow Cytometer

Agilent is also helping to revolutionize the field of flow cytometry by designing and producing high performance, customizable benchtop cytometers at accessible price points. By including features such as 13 fluorescence detection channels with 3 lasers, direct volumetric based cell counting, and a versatile high throughput walkaway autosampler, Agilent’s line of NovoCyte flow cytometers is raising the bar for what is expected of benchtop machines.

Novocyte flow cytometer


NovoCyte Quanteon Flow Cytometer

With 4 lasers, 25 colors, and 25 independent, highly sensitive detectors, the new NovoCyte Quanteon™ easily accommodates the large, multi-color panels found in today’s highly progressive flow cytometry laboratories. Yet, with a number of key features such as auto compensation, as well as fixed and flexible signal collection options, the system is remarkably easy to set up for users of all levels and experience.

Novocyte Quanteon flow cytometer


NovoCyte Advanteon Flow Cytometer

The NovoCyte Advanteon Flow Cytometer builds upon the highly successful NovoCyte, and NovoCyte Quanteon. It provides an advanced set of capabilities for the most demanding scientists, yet is remarkably simple to operate. It provides the flexibility of 1, 2 or 3 lasers, with up to 21 fluorescence channels and 23 independent detectors. An upgrade to its big brother NovoCyte Quanteon is also a possibility.

Novocyte Advanteon flow cytometer




xCELLigence® and NovoCyte instruments are currently being used worldwide in academic, industrial, and hospital labs for preclinical drug discovery and development, toxicology, safety pharmacology, disease studies, clinical diagnostics, and basic research.

BIOKÉ is the exclusive distributor of the NovoCyte benchtop flow cytometer and xCELLigence RTCA Systems from Agilent in The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Contact us if you have any questions about Agilent products or compatibility.



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