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Code   Name   Supplier  
Fluidigm Digital Arrays Fluidigm Digital Arrays Fluidigm
Fluidigm Arrays Fluidigm Dynamic Arrays Fluidigm
FD Dyn Arr GT Dynamic Arrays & Reagents for Genotyping Fluidigm
FD Dyn Arr GE Dynamic Arrays & Reagents for Gene Expression Fluidigm
FD BMK-M5 FD BMK-FR48.48 Fluidigm
FD BMK-M10 192.24 GT + Sample/Loading Kit - 10 Chip Package Fluidigm
FD BMK-M 192.24 Dynamic Array IFC for SNP Genotyping Fluidigm
FD 100-5760 C1 Single-Cell AutoPrep Array IFCs Fluidigm
FD 100-3771 Bidirect. 384 Barcode Kit for llumina GAII, HiSeq and MiSeq Fluidigm
EP1 Dynamic Array for SNP Geno EP1 System - Dynamic Array for SNP Genotyping Fluidigm
BioMark SNP Genotyping BioMark Dynamic Array for SNP Genotyping Fluidigm
BioMark Copy Number Variation BioMark Digital Arrays for Copy Number Variation Fluidigm
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