Save Money with NEB Restriction Enzymes!

New England Biolabs provides
270+ restriction enzymes and
offers the highest buffer
compatibility. Over 80% of the
NEB restriction enzymes is
recombinant in contrary to other
suppliers where the percentage of
recombinant enzymes is
significantly lower. This results in
a dramatically lower star activity.






Highest Buffer Compatibility
New England Biolabs provides over 170 restriction enzymes that exhibit 100% activity in NEBuffer 4. That is more than just “added convenience”.

In addition to reduced star activity, HF™ restriction enzymes work optimally in NEBuffer 4, which has the highest level of enzyme compatibility and will simplify double digest reactions.

Of the top 20 most commonly used restriction enzymes, NEB provides 18 enzymes with NEBuffer 4, the other 2 are provided with NEBuffer 3. This unrivaled buffer compatibility results in onvenience in reaction set-up and great savings to your budget.

Supplier Buffers supplied with
the Top 20 enzymes
New England Biolabs 2
Thermo Scientific Fermentas 8*
Life Technologies 5
Promega 6
Roche 6

*Applies to conventional restriction enzymes only

  Example: Double digest EcoRV/KpnI

New England Biolabs

As you can see in the example below, EcoRV-HF/KpnI-HF both
exhibit 100% activities in NEBuffer 4, i.e. each enzyme works at regular 1-fold concentration to obtain 100% cleavage.

Enzyme Cat# Temp Supplied
% Activity in NEB Buffer
1 2 3 4
EcoRV-HF™ R3195 37°C NEBuffer 4 25 100 100 100
KpnI-HF™ R3142 37°C NEBuffer 4 25 100 100 100

**Double digest recommendations for EcoRV-HF™ and KpnI-HF™: Digest in NEBuffer 4 at 37°C.

Thermo Scientific Fermentas
Double digest recommendation: The first digestion should be performed in 1X Tango™ buffer (low salt concentration buffer) with 4-fold excess of KpnI. Incubate at 37°C for 1 hour. When the first digestion is complete, add 10X concentrated Tango™ buffer (amount "V") to a final 2X concentration (high salt concentration buffer) and Eco32I (EcoRV).

Many conventional restriction enzymes from Thermo Scientific Fermentas require more units to cleave in double digests! Here: 4-fold excess i.e. 4-times as expensive!


As part of our ongoing commitment to the study and improvement of restriction enzymes, NEB has made several advances in restriction enzyme research. This work has resulted in a line of High-Fidelity (HF™) restriction enzymes. One of the benefits of these HF™ enzymes is the reduced star activity.

Star activity is of concern if extra banding can cause misinterpretation of results in genotyping and mutational analysis procedures. The High-Fidelity enzymes have the same specificity as their established counterpart with dramatically reduced star activity. All the HF™ restriction enzymes are Time-Saver qualified, and digest substrate
DNA in five minutes.

In order to distinguish these engineered enzymes, the letters -HF™ have been added to the restriction enzyme name. These enzymes are packaged with purple labels to distinguish them from our existing enzymes.

Engineered for performance

Dramatically reduced star activity (up to 500-fold in some cases)

100% Activity in a single buffer

Time-Saver™ qualified for 5-15
minute digests

Value – Same price as established enzymes

Example: Reduced Star activity EcoRI

As shown in the figure, NEB EcoRI-HF shows significantly reduced star activity in overnight digests, as compared to Thermo Scientific Fermentas EcoRI.

Figure: NEB EcoRI-HF shows no star activity when used in 5 minutes or overnight. 50 μl reactions were set up using 1 μg of Lambda DNA, 1 μl of enzyme (NEB EcoRI-HF and Thermo Scientific Fermentas EcoRI) and recommended reaction buffer. Digests were incubated at 37°C.


Relative costs of the Top20 most commonly used enzymes

Supplier   Relative cost Discount*
New England Biolabs   € 1.256,00 -
Thermo Scientific Fermentas Convential RE € 1.217,00 -
  FastDigest® RE € 14.406,00 91%
Roche   € 3.601,00 65%
Promega   € 2.021,00 38%

* Average discount from list price needed to match New England Biolabs pricing. Price comparison (€/unit) is based on small pack price list published in February 2012 by the suppliers on their website.


Restriction Enzyme Cat# HF-Enzyme Cat#
AgeI, recombinant R0552S  AgeI-HF™ R3552S/L
BamHI, recombinant R0136S  BamHI-HF™ R3136S/L
BmtI, recombinant R0658S  BmtI-HF™ R3658S/L
BsaI, recombinant R0535S  BsaI-HF™ R3535S/L
BstEII, recombinant R0162S  BstEII-HF™ R3162S/L
DraIII, recombinant R0510S  DraIII-HF™ R3510S/L
EagI, recombinant R0505S  EagI-HF™ R3505S/L
EcoRI, recombinant R0101S  EcoRI-HF™ R3101S/L
EcoRV, recombinant R0195S  EcoRV-HF™ R3195S/L
HindIII, recombinant R0104S  HindIII-HF™ R3104S/L
KpnI, recombinant R0142S  KpnI-HF™ R3142S/L
MfeI, recombinant R0589S  MfeI-HF™ R3589S/L
NcoI, recombinant R0193S  NcoI-HF™ R3193S/L
NheI, recombinant R0131S  NheI-HF™ R3131S/L
NotI, recombinant R0189S  NotI-HF™ R3189S/L
PstI, recombinant R0140S  PstI-HF™ R3140S/L
PvuI, recombinant R0150S  PvuI-HF™ R3150S/L
PvuII, recombinant R0151S  PvuII-HF™ R3151S/L
SacI, recombinant R0156S  SacI-HF™ R3156S/L
SalI, recombinant R0138S  SalI-HF™ R3138S/L
SbfI, recombinant R0642S  SbfI-HF™ R3642S/L
ScaI, recombinant R0122S  ScaI-HF™ R3122S/L
SpeI, recombinant R0133S  SpeI-HF™ R3133S/L
SphI, recombinant R0182S  SphI-HF™ R3182S/L
SspI, recombinant R0132S  SspI-HF™ R3132S/L
StyI, recombinant R0500S  StyI-HF™ R3500S/L


  Supplier Enzyme  
1. R3136 BamHI-HF™  
2. R0144 BglII  
3. R0176 DpnI  
4. R3101 EcoRI-HF™  
5. R3195 EcoRV-HF™  
6. R0103 HincII  
7. R3104 HindIII-HF™  
8. R3142 KpnI-HF™  
9. R3193 NcoI-HF™  
10. R3131 NheI-HF™  
  Supplier Enzyme  
11. R3189 NotI-HF™  
12. R3140 PstI-HF™  
13. R3150 PvuI-HF™  
14. R3156 SacI-HF™  
15. R3138 SalI-HF™  
16. R0141 SmaI  
17. R0133 SpeI  
18. R3182 SphI-HF™  
19. R0145 XbaI  
20. R0146 XhoI  

 = NEBuffer 3       = NEBuffer 4       = Timesaver (5 min. digest)


Restriction enzyme digests are now even easier! The same high quality restriction enzymes that you have come to trust from New England Biolabs are now available in master mix format; simply add your DNA and digest.

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